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D4: Fall Rendezvous and Trapper Training School

The District 4 Fall Rendezvous and Trapper Training School will be held on September 24th at the Cameron County Fairgrounds in Emporium.       

Trapper Training School from 8:30am – 4:00pm, $10 for those over 16 years old. Includes lunch and a t-shirt.

Lots of dealers and tailgaters! District Picnic at 4:30.  

District 4 meeting Sunday, September 25th at 1:00. If you have any questions, call Don Klinger at 814.541.1025.

PFSC Article by Barry Warner

Trappers today have a wealth of information available to them through many avenues.  There are books, DVDs, and of course the internet.  This available information can be a tremendous asset to the novice trapper.  Unfortunately, the novice may not be able to comprehend the difference between valuable ethical information and information that may be detrimental to trapping in Pennsylvania.

A great deal of the information available may be quality advice.  However, it must be understood that many of these techniques or recommendations are only safe to use in remote areas such as our western states or Canada.

We, in Pennsylvania, are tremendously fortunate to have the privilege of being an important factor in professional wildlife management. The Pennsylvania Trappers Association and Pennsylvania Game Commission staff working together have created common sense trapping regulations and advanced trapping opportunities through the legalization of beaver snares and cable restraints, as well as providing seasons for bobcat, fisher and now otter. 

Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a situation of disagreement with respect to certification for the use of cable restraints.  A segment of our agency, wishing to make certification more accessible to individuals, is proposing on-line certification.  We strongly oppose this action.

When we (PTA) provide trapper training, regardless of the method used, (snares, cable restraints, foot-holds, or body-gripping trap) first and foremost ethics and responsibility are stressed time and again.  It is our belief an on-line course can not provide the appropriate understanding of how critical these elements are to our future.  Any incident involving any of these valuable tools, brought before the public, immediately creates a negative opinion of trapping.  It is immaterial whether the situation was created intentionally by some low-life or through ignorance, trappers lose.  We sincerely believe, only a seasoned and certified Pennsylvania trapper is able to provide the appropriate knowledge and understanding relative to the use of this valuable tool.

We enjoy and look forward to the many training events we conduct.  Any individual worthy of being called a trapper has a love and respect for the furbearers we seek.  We understand the import roll we play in controlling prey species, keeping populations in check through appropriate regulations and seasons and species limits.  First and foremost, we understand the responsibility we accept as trappers to be responsible to our trapping methods, to our fellow sportsmen and to the public.

We have been told complaints have been received that individuals have been unable to receive certification due to a lack of certification classes.  In 2014, 43 classes were conducted with 1149 students attending, in 2015, 40 classes were conducted with 812 students certified.  Many instructors may have to drive 50-100 miles one way to conduct a class, but some individuals will not drive 20 miles to attend?  Chances are, these are the individuals we do not want out there. 

We have been, and will continue to work with our agency in every area of wildlife management, including total support for a much needed funding increase.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver Returns for NAFA’s Fall Winter 2016-2017 Designer Campaign

She’s back! After a whirlwind year, working with clients such as Balmain, Vero Moda, Kookai, and getting her “wings” as one of Victoria’s Secret’s newest Angels, Josephine Skriver returns as the face of NAFA’s 2016-2017 Designer Campaign. 

Also featured in NAFA’s campaign is singer-songwriter Alexander DeLeon.

“Showcasing the diversity of our furs to the modern consumer is really what was behind this year’s campaign,” said Cody Bokshowan, NAFA’s Creative Director. “We were delighted to welcome Josephine back, and to include Alexander DeLeon in this year’s campaign, because Josephine and Alex epitomize the modern fur consumers – young influencers with a very defined sense of style, who are active and engaged on social media.”

From formal wear to athleisure, the garments in NAFA’s 2016-2017 campaign present a range of statement styles that reflect the needs of the modern woman – something that can take her from a casual lunch with friends, to a night out on the town, while at the same time showcasing the inherent grandeur and sophistication of the fur itself.

The full campaign includes some of the world’s leading authorities in fur garment design, including Michael Kors Collection, Oscar de la Renta, and Gianfranco Ferré Furs by Mondialpelli. Creative talents joining these fashion heavy-hitters include Pologeorgis, Pink Tartan, BRASCHI, JARRET, Rindi, Fabio Gavazzi, Pajaro, and Tosato 1928.

“Although each designer brought his or her own unique inspiration to the collection, the one aspect that they all share is that each garment was produced with NAFA’s highest quality furs,” said NAFA’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Rob Cahill.

NAFA’s fine quality ranch mink embodies both elegance and edginess in captivating natural tones, beguiling shades of black and classic shades of mahogany and pearl. Silver fox, fisher, beaver, wild mink and raccoon are bewitching in dynamic shades of blue, gray, emerald green and teal.  

The campaign will run in magazines such as ELLE, VOGUE, Noblesse, Fashion Collection and many more, in important markets including China, Korea, and Russia as well as emerging Eurasian fashion market, Kazakhstan.

In addition, as part of the campaign this year, NAFA is pleased to present an exclusive campaign video that follows Josephine as she transforms from glamorous fashion model into her true self – someone who is excited to change into comfortable clothes and meet up with her boyfriend after a day in the studio.

The video will be available on NAFA’s website, and promoted through NAFA’s social media channels.

For more information, visit