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News – 11/21/16

Gov. Wolf signs bill to give hunters new gun options

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Gov. Tom Wolf has signed legislation that removes a ban on hunting with semi-automatic rifles.

Act 168 of 2016, formerly House Bill 263, also removes the ban on air- and gas-powered rifles.

The legislation doesn’t automatically allow the guns to be used for hunting, but it gives the Pennsylvania Game Commission the authority to regulate and allow their use during certain seasons or for certain animals.

The bill’s author, Rep. Matt Gabler (R-Clearfield/Elk), said the legislation brings Pennsylvania in line with many other states that allow semi-automatic firearms as a hunting option.

Gabler has said air- and gas-powered rifles – now with equal or greater muzzle energy and stopping power than numerous small-caliber guns that are allowed – are especially popular with young hunters and women in states that allow them.

Calling PETA: U.S. Fur Farming Is Strictly Regulated

Trend of Cautious Optimism Continues






From Fur Commission USA:

2016 Election Analysis,…
The election results were surprising to most, and unexpected by virtually everyone. To put it into context: a Republican has not been elected President with his party controlling both chambers of Congress since the Hoover Administration. Unquestionably, the Republican sweep will be favorable to resource providers and farmers, as well as be a serious setback to the animal rights community. There could possibly be opportunities previously unattainable to the fur industry and other animal-use sectors. Although there is still a lot of uncertainty on how the election results will translate into policy, here are some initial thoughts on how the mink ranchers may be affected.

  • The repeal, restructure or withdrawal of Waters Of The U.S. regulations (a priority for Trump – and Speaker Ryan), which is a major threat to mink farming, if implemented in its current form.
    Maintaining and possibly increasing federal funding on eco-terrorism enforcement.
  • Farm Bill Reauthorization – may present opportunities to pre-empt state farming restrictions or advance freedom to farm policies.
  • Potential reforms to “sue and settle” litigation under the Equal Access to Justice statutes, which have provided an easy platform for activist litigation, and have proven to be a major distraction to government officials.
  • Legislative language to strengthen state management of wildlife and prevent excessive federal intrusion.
    Easing of regulation related to foreign trade, including the import/export programs of the Fish & Wildlife Service.

Fur Commission reducing pelt assessment for 2017 season…
In light of the challenging market conditions that the U.S. ranchers have been facing, Fur Commission USA has proposed a $0.03 reduction in the 2017 pelt assessment. This one-year discount is meant as a show of solidarity and support for the ranchers, and is made possible because of our responsible use of finances over the last several years. So if you can take a hit, so can we. We greatly appreciate the support we have received from the ranching community, and will continue to work in your best interests over the coming years. The AMC unanimously approved the 2017 FCUSA assessment at $0.12/pelt at their recent annual meeting.