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News Roundup – January 2016

America: Animal Rights activist faces imprisonment for causing damage to several U.S fur businesses.

Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Breeders Association president Matt Moses opposes bogus claims about the mink industry.

Croatia: Croatia abolishes fur farms after a 10-years-old phase-out period.

India: Indian government bans mink, chinchilla and fox fur import.

Scotland: Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) granted extra money to a wildlife management project to wipe out mink in the Western Isles.

Furrier John Zander expects an upturn on the raw fur market

Chilean government is launching a population control project after beavers imported from Canada are threatening the forests of Patagonia

Fisher’s, an active predator and once extinct in Pennsylvania, USA forests are now seeing a resurgence

Feature on the increase of fur on the fashion catwalks

Sandy Reports #10


Results of The Independent Fur Harvesters Of Central N.Y. Pompey, N.Y. on December 17th, 2016.

Post by skunkman

Again, sorry about the delay, busy time of year for everyone. Here are the final results of our Dec. 17th 2016 Fur sale. Thank you all for attending.

Red Fox66.2525.5018.00
Gray Fox66.2525.5018.00
Castor1.5 lbs42.00/lb63.00

NAFA Wild Fur Update – Trend of Cautious Optimism Continues

Winter has arrived in Northeast China. Temperatures for the last 10 days have been favourable to the retailers. Most are reporting increased sales over the same period last year. The NAFA team of Rob Cahill, Lumin Yao and Diane Benedetti, who has just directed a large fashion show in Harbin, are all more positive about this upcoming season as compared to a month ago. More important is a bigger differentiation in the price between a standard mink garment of regular quality and a high end garment of better quality. The difference between them today is most likely the highest we have seen in the last 10 years. This is important to our wild fur because it tells us that the consumer is looking for and willing to pay for new and better styled garments. This will help our sable/marten, fisher and lynx cat as more and more retailers are looking to have more diversity in their collections. If this continues, it will be a very positive, important breakthrough for wild fur.

In North America and Europe, the retail of coyote-trimmed down jackets is just starting. The weather is finally turning colder and we are getting closer to the Christmas holidays. Leading manufacturers in this important segment are more optimistic than they were a year ago and are praying for the weather to cooperate.

Increased wholesale and retail activity in Russia over the last 3 to 4 weeks has resulted in a much more optimistic outlook for the Russian retailer. Garments are inexpensive and this has resulted in increased retail activity. For the manufacturers and retailers, just selling at lower margins and creating turnover is very important. Russia is doing a lot more business compared to a year ago and for us as producers, regardless of the price of the garment, the most important thing is they are selling and cleaning up existing inventories. A commercial, ranch raised mink jacket sells for $500 U.S., making it very difficult for the raccoon jacket to compete, but once inventories are cleaned out and people have to re-purchase at the new prices, it should create new opportunities.

Overall, compared to what we wrote to you on October 21st, where we said the market was showing cautious optimism, we are happy to report that this trend is continuing. We are very proud that together with the Wild Fur Shippers Council we are able to continue to infuse large amounts of capital into wild fur promotion. The best way to secure the future of wild fur is through hard work, workshops and promotions. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We are fully committed to wild fur, not just for today, but for many years to come. Only with your support is this possible.

Herman Jansen
Managing Director


The Pennsylvania Trappers’ Association Inc. will hold an election during the State Rendezvous from June 15-18th, 2017, to fill the offices of President, Vice President-East, Vice President-West, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Public Relations Director, NTA Director and FTA Director.  Anyone interested in submitting their name to be placed on the ballot for this election should forward their resume to Tom Lane via email at  or U.S. Mail at 938 McGuffey Road, West Alexander, PA 15376.  Resumes must be received no later than February 1, 2017, in order for your name to be published on the ballot.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tom via email or phone.  Ph: 724 484-0718.

Warren Man Dies in Boating Accident

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A Warren man has died as a result of a boating accident that occurred Monday night on the Allegheny Reservoir. Glade Water Rescue was among departments dispatched in response to the incident at approximately 10:30 p.m. According to Warren County EMA Director Todd Lake, the incident occurred at Webb’s Ferry boat launch on the Allegheny National Forest.

Warren County Coroner Jerry Borden identified the victim on Tuesday and reported the cause of death of 52-year-old Darin Freeborough as “asphyxiation by drowning.” He said that Freeborough was “loading the boat on the trailer and something happened and he drowned.” Pennsylvania State Police said that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is handling the investigation.

Freeborough was the owner of Animalistics Outdoors — which sells outdoor sporting goods and offers trapping seminars — on Warren’s east side. He was an avid trapper who created coyote trapping DVDs, and had a good-natured approach to the outdoors and teaching the outdoors. He was also known as a father, an avid softball player, and supporter of youth sports, serving as a Warren County Youth Baseball/Softball Association Little League board member and coach for years.

“We are saddened this morning to learn of the passing of the owner of Animalistics Outdoors,” according to a statement on the store’s Facebook page. “Due to this, the store will be temporarily closed until the family gets things situated.

“Please keep in mind they suffered a great loss and need time. We all lost a great guy, local legend, and someone we all looked up to. Please keep the family in your prayers today and in the future. Send healing vibes to calm nerves and condolences, we will keep everyone posted on the store’s opening date. Thank you all for your support.”