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Join us at the Great American Outdoor Show!

The Pennsylvania Trappers’ Association is looking forward to an exciting outdoor show in Harrisburg. Our booth is always busy with curious visitors interested in learning about our furbearers or current trapping techniques.  We encourage you to stop by the booth when you attend the show!

View the 2015 Booth Map to see where we are located this year .

We are still looking for some volunteers to help man the booth.  If you are available to help our organization promote trapping,  contact Brian Mohn @ 610-562-1790 or

Photos from D10 Fur Sale

Enjoy a few photos from the District 10 Fur Sale. Results soon to come!

Otter Avoidance Techniques

Avoiding Otter Captures: The river otter population continues to increase through natural expansion of existing populations and reintroduction efforts. Trappers are urged to learn to identify otter sign and, where exist, to adopt the following recommendations to avoid the accidental capture of otters while trapping beavers: When using snares, set loops at 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Use baited sets for beavers where feasible. Avoid main channels in ponds and primary crossings where otter sign is present. Report accidental otter captures to your local wildlife conservation officer through your Pennsylvania Game Commission region office.


From the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Otter photo by Ken Thomas ( (personal website of photographer)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Updates & Reminders

  1. Reminder to those trapping where Otters are; that they should be keeping their Coni-Bear triggers 2 inches from the side of the trap to avoid mistaken Otter catches. This isn’t a regulation but a great way to protect our Otters. For more information please see our post about Otter Avoidance Techniques.
  2. Dave Eckels is compiling information and photos to update our PTA history book.  If you have photos or information please contact him at
  3. This is an election year and there are several seats on the board that will need to be filled:  FTA Director and V.P.East.  For all positions please send resume to our election chairman, Tom Lane, at before the end of March.