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D8: Raccoon Catch

Autumn McEntee is donating her entire catch to be tanned and made into fur items to raise money for District #8. Autumn would like to challenge all members of District #8 to donate at least one pelt to this worthy cause.

Autumn McEntee pictured with her 2016-17 raccoon catch.

D8: News – Terry “Swamper” Swartz

IMG_0669Terry “Swamper” Swartz – has been diagnosed with cancer (lymph nodes) and is in treatment. As you can imagine his medical bills are significant. He and his daughter have launched a crowdfunding campaign at  to let friends and fellow trappers help in a meaningful way. ALL the contributions are used for medical expenses only . Please contact me if you have questions – I’m hoping you may be able to mention Swamper’s situation on FB or through email. We’d greatly appreciate it!