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Tom Sites Memorial Bench

On June 4, 2017 District #8 of the P.A. Trappers Assn met to dedicate a bench in honor of Tom Sites,at the Strawberry Hill Nature Center in Adams County P.A . Tom was a PTA Life member, former Director of District #8, PTA state Secretary, and was inducted into the PTA Hall of Fame in 2003 with his wife Jackie, longtime PTA state Treasurer. Tom’s dedication and leadership were second to none and will long be remembered in our District. We were very honored to have Tom’s family present to share this day with us.

D8: Raccoon Catch

Autumn McEntee is donating her entire catch to be tanned and made into fur items to raise money for District #8. Autumn would like to challenge all members of District #8 to donate at least one pelt to this worthy cause.

Autumn McEntee pictured with her 2016-17 raccoon catch.

D8: News – Terry “Swamper” Swartz

IMG_0669Terry “Swamper” Swartz – has been diagnosed with cancer (lymph nodes) and is in treatment. As you can imagine his medical bills are significant. He and his daughter have launched a crowdfunding campaign at  to let friends and fellow trappers help in a meaningful way. ALL the contributions are used for medical expenses only . Please contact me if you have questions – I’m hoping you may be able to mention Swamper’s situation on FB or through email. We’d greatly appreciate it!