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February 2017 News Roundup

Muskrat still on the Menu

Sojuzpushnina Reports Sable Clearances of 98% at Advancing Prices


Annual fur festival takes place in Alaska, USA

Article on the history of the Hudson’s Bay Company

Italian law enforcement sieze 140 jackets labelled as ‘faux fur’ but included finn raccoon (In Italian)

Report on Saga Furs’ attendance at the annual China Fur and Leather Products Fair

Winter Furbearer Management newsletter offering information on the fur market forecast, fur prices and recent legal decision updates

A look at the tale of one of the last Metis Trappers; Horace Goudie

Fur seal pups at the lowest level on St. Paul Island, Alaska in 100 years

Sandy Reports #12
Sandy Reports #13
Sandy Reports #14

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