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Montana (MTA): HB212 has PASSED and is now LAW!

Governor Bullock has optioned to take no action on HB 212 which enables the bill to become law which now guarantees protections for our historical and rural traditions!

The MTA is grateful to all hunters, trappers, anglers, ranchers, property owners and their organizations who participated in this process. Due to the efforts of so many dedicated Montanans, we were able overcome the attempts by the antis to derail this important piece of legislation.


News Update

Tom Hardisky is once again looking for beaver carcasses caught in Feb. and March. If you need carcass tags, let him know and he will mail you some. You may make home-made tags with the following information:

  • Harvest Date
  • Wildlife Management Unit
  • County
  • Township
  • Watercourse Name
  • Trapper Name

Tom will begin making his rounds for carcass pick up on March 24th. Let him know if you cannot hold them until late March. Thank you for your assistance!

If you would like to contact him, Tom’s Information is as follows:

Tom Hardisky
PA Game Commission
2621 E. Winter Road
Loganton, PA  17747

D3 Fur Sale Results & Photos

District 3 Fur Sale
January 25, 2015, Washington County Fairgrounds

88 trapper lots of fur, 3 buyers present

Species Number Sold High Average
Raccoon 1696 8.27 6.78
Green Raccoon 125 4.00 3.25
Red Fox 67 30.00 21.22
Gray Fox 18 15.00 14.83
Coyote 63 35.00 14.19
Opossum 157 3.00 1.85
Mink 38 14.00 8.89
Muskrats 851 7.00 5.69
Beaver 37 15.00 10.16
Skunk 9 6.00 4.67
Bobcat 2 60.00 55.00
Deer Hides 8 6.00 6.00