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FHA Sale Results


Yesterday’s auction results proved to be far better than expected on many articles. Our buying crowd was stronger than expected as well. At the opening of the sale we experienced some technical IT issues that affected our live web cast. It was decided to start the auction on the scheduled time rather than incontinence our buying crowd, many of whom had flights later in the day. I personally apologize to those of you who were unable to view the web cast. Several new first time Chinese buyers registered adding to our largest attendance for a January opener in many years. We did not offer a full scale assortment of wild goods as has been our policy in January the past many years. Results on many items advanced and in the case of raccoon sold surprisingly well and ALL these purchases are for direct shipping to be used and not bought for speculation which is key to this items recovery. Beaver sold similar to last year’s levels and we are being told this item will slowly rise as the season progresses. Our January beaver prices have been the strongest for many years and we believe the price will increase in March. Wild mink and otter sold at good levels over last year and again are expected to see increases in March at our Finland auction.

Our muskrat offering was valued strongly over May 2016 levels. We did this knowing production numbers would be low and demand is good for this item. We were advised that our evaluations were high prior to auction but we held to our position and sold where we could about 35% of the collection at levels well over last season. We sold large muskrats at $5 US and large rats last May sold for less than half that. ALL the best rats in the big sizes were unsold and will be offered in March in Finland. We are the only auction selling a full assortment of wild fur between now and May and we are confident that our muskrat evaluations will be more acceptable come March 2017 at our sale in Finland. The coyote sale was the highlight of the auction selling amazingly strong. Competition was very bullish with the middle class of western and eastern grades advancing well over double last year’s already strong levels. All semi and heavy coyotes will move extremely well all season as the trade is aware of the low production on this popular trim item. Eastern Red fox sold well as it is being sought as a trim item. A small offering of re-consigned sables sold strongly over last year’s marks. Sable sales at the retail coat level were very good this fall and early winter and will see great competition on our premier fresh collection in March in Finland. Moving forward to our next auction which will offer a full assortment of wild goods we have a very solid list of buyers already registered. As well much growing interest by new buyers wishing to attend we expect a record crowd in Finland. Without question this year’s largest attendance of Russian buyers to visit any sale anywhere.

We are selling between the Black Glama Ranch Mink of American Legend and The Blue Fox of Saga Furs the most famous Brands in the world of Fur. Our wild fur shippers will achieve the greatest exposure in the world and our results will be on the LEADING EDGE of the 2017 season. We have extended our last receiving dates to allow trappers to capitalize on this sale, as we are the only ones offering a FULL array of wild goods until May 2017. We know and understand trappers, and most trappers wish to sell and be paid in a timely fashion. For late shipments outside Ontario contact the agent in your region. ( Ontario Trappers call 1 705 495 4688 We thank you all for your support and as always we will push hard to get you the very best results we can now and in the future. Respectfully Mark Downey Chief Executive Officer Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.

Farewell, Sandy Parker

The Pennsylvania Trappers’ Association is sad to share that Sandy Parker has passed away. Amazingly, he was in contact with is just several days ago for details of a fur auction.  Reporting right to the end. Well done Sandy, you will be greatly missed.

Below is a copy of the transcript that was emailed to his subscribers:

Dear Subscriber,

With deep sadness, we inform you that Sandy Parker died suddenly on June 6, 2016 and as a result Sandy Parker Reports will cease publishing.

We thank you for supporting our father’s endeavor, which lasted forty years. It gave him great pleasure to publish his weekly fur newsletter – and we thank you.

Funeral services will be held Friday, June 10, 230pm, at New Montefiore Cemetery, in Babylon NY. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to ASAPCT.ORG, an arts education organization inspiring kids (including the financially disadvantaged), or the charity of your choice.

Kindest regards,

His children: Joanne, Carol, Rob

D3 Fur Sale Results

42 lots of fur
3 buyers present

TypeNumber SoldHighsLowsAverages
Green Coons351.00.75.96
Red Fox7415.003.009.66
Gray Fox1115.008.0011.73
Deer Hides251.401.001.28