District 4


I know that this sounds repetitive, but I would like to congratulate Ralph and his team on an excellent convention. Disparate the drizzly days and humidity everything seemed, at least from my eyes, well organized.

Even though I came in last place in the mountain man, I enjoyed the new concept of knowledge vs. skill. I guess, I need to study up a little more better.

We as District 4, along with District 8 and 12, put bids in on the 2017 Convention…

Congratulations too District 12 on their successful bid. I am looking for to seeing the southern side of the state.

With the busy season coming up, and all of the youth field days, training events, family weekends.

We have decided to have our district picnic on Saturday evening following our mini convention. Randy Troutman again cooking chicken and a summer picnic style theme. If anyone would like to bring a dish to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please notify Jeff Dornisch or Don Klinger with their intentions or any questions.

The picnic will be held at the Cameron County fair grounds in Emporium Pennsylvania.

Pencil in your calendars September 26th!!!

I hope to see you all there.

Not many new things have arrived, but now there is the short river otter season in the upper eastern part of our state. What a great new opportunity and experience this is for all of us who find time to try.

Look into the new cable restraint locks that have been approved by the Game Commission, this also may give us an upper hand out foxing those canines.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this rainy summer!

Hope to see everyone at the national convention in Hamburg, New York.

Jeff Dornisch, 5th place Mountain man


2017 Sweepstakes Winners


  1. 2017 Polaris 4 Wheeler w/trailer -Tom Mettley Palmyra, PA
  2. $500 – Mike Koerner Norristown, PA
  3. $400 – Joe Whiteduck Dickson City, PA
  4. $300 – Gary Mowery Enola, PA
  5. $300 – Bill O’Donnell Lost Creek, PA
  6. $300 – Jack Duff Ambler, PA
  7. $300 – Keith Coles Allentown, PA
  8. $400 – Don White, PA
  9. $500 – Jerry Fraleigh Annville, PA
  10. $1000 – Anna Fies Richland, PA