Fur In The News

October 2015 has come and gone, it’s time for our monthly Fur In The News roundup. Let’s start with trapping since the season is now well under way.

We loved this piece, “Getting permission should be your mission,” for its very useful tips on maintaining a good relationship with the owners of the land on which you trap. It may not be at the forefront of trappers’ minds, but it certainly is important!

Trapping is serious business” also features some great tips and reminds us all that the reputation of the trapping industry relies a great deal on how trappers work.

As for this debate, “Does hunting promote conservation?,” I’ll bet you can guess which side we are on!

We were thrilled to hear about this trapping education program in Ontario for primary and secondary students, which teaches them valuable skills and gets them out into nature. And if you aren’t a trapper and run into a coyote by surprise, this article tells you what to do. Best to read it now, since it might not be convenient when you actually need the information!

Read the full article from the Truth About Fur Blog >>

Pics: Cable Restraint Class

Below are pics from a cable restraint class at the NE Regional Office.  Officer is Bill Williams, education supervisor for NE Region.  The other instructor is Kevin Wenner, NE Regional Wildlife Management Supervisor.  Nineteen students attended, one from Bedord co. and one from the Reading area.

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100_1791 100_1785 100_1795 100_1793


  1. 2015 Polaris 4 Wheeler w/trailer — Gene McMurray Granville Smt, PA
  2. $500 – Lisa Weller Newville, PA
  3. $400 – Dale Stockton Castle Creek, NY
  4. $300 – James Pierson Holbrook, PA
  5. $300 – Penny Mathias Stephenson VA
  6. $300 – Dennis Toms Roxbury, PA
  7. $300 – Fred Ghanim Ringoes, NJ
  8. $400 – Dan Brown Chesterfield, NJ
  9. $500 – David Stola Shickshinny, PA
  10. $1000 – William Hazlet Petrolia, PA